"Never grown, yet always growing"




Seek and you shall see

Below you will find, creations born from my mind. My work is a visual representation of the conflicts of various heroes.


2 takes // Alkhemy

2 takes // alkhemy (pronounced two takes to alchemy), is a project detailing my rape.

-The Blue layer represents the throat/Vishuddha chakra. It is where I am able to express my ability to overstand objectively how the rape came into occurrence. It is my logical mind.

-The Red layer, represents the root/muladhara chakra. It shows how this event disrupted my foundation, my belief in my self and represents my self-scolding, in relation to this traumatic event.

-The Purple Layer, represents the crown/sahasrara chakra. It is here that not only the red and blue layer combine to experience the unity of both perspectives, but it is the realization that every experience, good or bad, is essential for our ultimate destination.

This is my story, my alkhemy.



By ninlil + Ninsar

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@sakisunflower | @sakisunflowerr

A journey through trauma that ends on the shores of wholeness.



"Reflective// My Mind's Interlude"


by Tayo Olubenga, click to scroll through all pics.


"Sounds of Us"

A short film about a deaf boy who goes to college and finds himself by feeling the rhythm of life.


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