Through The Confusion

Vesica Piscis

angolan tribe.png

I’ve finally figured it out.

The reason and cause for my doubt,

My stuttering and suffering,

That overwhelming feeling of


You see

I’ve finally figured it out.

My soul is far too big for body.

With universes inside me,

Like, Osmosis Jones

Or maybe even Cosmos’ unknown.

Either way this flesh can not contain my soul.

My shit is more than a “glow”!

I am a Galaxy with skin.

My galaxy aching from within to burst out.

My past traumas have nurtured my self doubt

Made sure my merkaba wouldn’t seep out

Mercury was in retrograde

and with that

I realized that I “just can’t fade” my self destructive bullshit

I’ve been the teacher all along,

please return my pulpit.

I have far more important shit to do

than to cry over a babbling fool.

I’ll use your psychology against you!!

My, fingers be the tools.

Penetrating minds, bodies, and souls, deeper than any “tool”

Where is my motherfucking stool-- I mean my pulpit!

I will no longer forfeit ascension for an orgasm.

...My soul is far too big for my body. And it’s funny because my subconscious was the one to remind me.

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