The Cosmic Shaman

Vesica Piscis

cosmic shamanwords.jpg

The Cosmic Shaman


We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn't kill. 

Demeanor of swagger and zeal. 

The strong willed that wouldn't yield. 

Their vengeance coursing through our veins with divine skill.

They're killing us to sustain

Capitalistic gains

Descendants with no true family name. 

Just an energy of oppression and rage. 

Trying to transmute our frequencies back to the highest octave

Ain't no jinxing we. 

I reincarnated to be

The shadow of my ancestors here to feast 

No opposition can defeat this beast 

Estranged from greed,

On a quest for peace

 Equipped with piece 

And raw paper sheets 

I'm the Daughter of sekhmet

So I Never heard of a set back

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