My Mind's Interlude // Reflective




Nothing is ever coincidental. 

Whether the ability to comprehend and agility is present in your mental

...It's never accidental 

Galaxies are watching me.

I'm an incomprehensible being floating in a sea of dreams. 

My mind's consciousness is the only vowel in my world of chaotic consonants

The rhythm of my interaction anxiety is how I'm Vibin'

A collision with such precision. 


On us kissing. 

I am my own worst enemy. 

Never believing that someone could be a friend to me. 

I can still recall what he did to me and remember, he was kin to me...

Devilish fiend in my dreams telling me to scheme and chase green 

But when My third eye awakens I am shaken and logic tells me what they mean

They want efficiency and speed!

I swear this reality is a continuous technicality of greed!

Conformity's seeping in—its fighting me!

I can't understand this society for the life of me!

-The miseducation of my gentrificated nation that's miseducated by other races got me facing Jay's it's

Weighing heaving on my millitant mind. 

I'm ready to go against the white powers in position

I'm on a mission 

I notice a energy shift and so I shift my position-

So here I am. 

Existing on this plane of nonexistence 

... With consistent persistence and yet I'm still gifted. 

Saki -